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Mac Dougherty's Blog: Terms Of Service

This is a personal blog. The views expressed in the posts on this site and the comments I make on it are mine alone. I am not representing the views of any employer, relative, acquaintance, friend, enemy, or anyone else other than myself.

The purpose of this site is to provide a means by which I can express my individual views. Your use of the site is subject to my arbitrary whims. I may delete comments or otherwise moderate and administer the site in any way for any reason or no reason. My reasons, or lack thereof, may be inconsistent from time to time, from topic to topic, from user to user and in many other ways. That's the way the cookie crumbles on a free personal blog.

I intend to run this site in a civil manner. Though I reserve the right to moderate the site in any way and for any reason, or according to no reason at all, do not be surprised if your comments get deleted with extreme prejudice if you act in a way your mother wouldn't approve of. The purpose of this site is to produce light, not heat.

All content on the site is copyrighted and belongs to me. If you choose to post comments on the site, posting those comments means that you irrevocably assign the copyright on those comments to me.

This policy might change in the future, though I can't imagine why. Best to check back here from time to time.